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We provide discreet, white label and behind the scenes services to agencies that don't neccessarily want others (e.g. clients, competitors, prospects etc) to know they are getting help. 

We provide fast assistance on short to mid-term projects, if you need a: 

PITCH DOCTOR - a fresh pair of eyes or a check in on your pitch document(s). We act as if we are the client... i.e. advising on content, ideas and delivery. We've run many-a-pitch and know how hard it is sometimes to not be able to see the woods for the trees

PITCH PROJECT MANAGER - someone to lead a pitch as all your senior team are tied up with existing client work or other things 

PROJECT MANAGER - if you have an important project but no faith in those around you to lead or deliver 

CONCEPT IDEATION - fresh ideas around activation (e.g. partnerships, PR platform or communications) 

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP GHOST WRITING - if senior management need to raise their profile and get their opinion out there but dont have time/ need someone to bounce thinking off 

ACCOUNT TRANSITION - you've just won a big account, aren't resourced or ready to deliver and need a stopgap that will not drop a ball till you recruit the right team 

COVER - for what ever reason on an account, project or workstream 

WORKSHOPS - to deliver personal and team high performance see our workshops section on the main site CLICK HERE