Hypothesis: It's possible now to go a whole day and just use your phone to live (obv not the basic human needs). It's possible to run a busy complicated life just off your phone. If harnessed correctly you can remove so much friction, save time, automate and back up activities.... as a modern business owner you can be so agile with a mobile. Its disrupted almost every industry. If you arent living and loving it, your business will get left behind. 


A wise high powered businesswoman used to say this all the time and its still ringing in the ears:

As a business owner/ marketer ‘Eat Sh/t Sleep’ Mobile i.e your company needs to think mobile constantly. Hopefully the below example shows how it is such a powerful tool to frictionless, time saving, agile . This wasn’t an actual day, its an amalgamation of about three. All examples have happened, in one day is extreme but as a hyphenate businessman…. This isn’t an unfeasible day…

If your business isn’t thinking at every decision about mobile, you really are missing the most powerful assistant tool that everyone is becoming more and more effective with/ dependant on:

Everything here was done on the mobile:

1}          I wake up and switch the alarm off my mobile

2}          I check my amount of sleep on #fitbit

3}          I check my #google calendar 

4}          Read #gmail emails from overnight (unhealthy we know, don’t judge)

5}           It's colder than usual so I turn up the heating downstairs on #nest

6}          I receive a call to stand in for my business colleague who is unwell and needs me to go to Paris to present

7}          I cant find the car keys as the kids have been playing, I locate them using the #tile

8}          I check the trains on the #trainline, there isn’t the right connections that will work for me at short notice

9}           I check the roads on #waze

10}          I jump in the car, head to starbucks drive through, pay using apple wallet

11}          I book my airport car park parking

12}          I book my flight and do mobile check in for my boarding pass

13}          I enter the lounge using my #BA app

14}          I realise I will miss my favourite TV show that night so set record on #SkyGo

15}          I hear a good song in the lounge and capture it on #shazam downloading it from #spotify to my favourites playlist

16}          I read the pdf deck off my emails to check I know what I am presenting

17}          I check the contacts am presenting to on #linkedin

18}          I have 30 mins spare so watch favourite downloaded show already on the phone from #netflix

19}          Quickly choose an audio book for the flight on #audible

20}          I submit my mileage on #tripcatcher for my business expenses

21}          I write a blog and post it on my website and it shares on my social channels

22}         I realise I am going to not get back from Paris in time for lunch the next day with my wife so order some  flowers on #interflora as its her bday

23}          I access her company address from my GDrive

24}          I save the address on my contacts which gets backed up in the icloud 

25}          I send her a message on #whatsapp to re arrange from lunch to dinner

26}          I buy a DVD for next day delivery from #amazonprime

27}         I transfer some money from my current account to my #FairFX card and check my balance

28}          I book an #airbnb close to the location of my presentation

29}          I book an #uber for airport pick up

30}          I Facebook messenger a friend that I know lives in Paris later that evening for dinner

31}          En route to the client office I look up on #Dojo somewhere for dinner close to my apt

32}          I check the restaurants #Instagram feed and like the look of their food so book

33}          I book the table on #opentable  

34}          I look up on facebook who I am presenting to and see they are a huge Paris Saint Germain fan, I #google when they are playing Chelsea in London in the Champs League

35}          I check their investment history on #crunchbase

36}          My taxi is paid automatically on my #uber account

37}          I present the slides in my meeting using my mobile and screen using #Teamviewer  

38}          I mention PSG Chelsea and offer tickets for the game in London which goes down well

39}          I walk to the apt using #googlemaps

40}          I am sent from the Airbnb host via text a code to open the apartment

41}          I check the weather on the #BBC website and its clear skies

42}          I go out for a run using #strava going on a route a friend had previously run

43}          10 min meditation on #headspace

44}          I #facetime the kids to say goodnight

45}           Dinner with friend #instagramming the food

46}          I like the wine so I take a photo of the bottle, rate it and store it for later future ordering using #Vivino 

47}          I photograph which gets uploaded to the cloud the receipt and send to #receiptbank

48}          The receipt is picked up by #xero accounting which logs, which can be remotely seen by my accountant

49}          I get back to the apt and listen to the latest podcast from my favourite show

50}         My phone switches to nightshift mode which reduces the blue light for sleep and switches my emails / alerts off till the morning. Full day done all on mobile. 

Note all of the above was written on the go on a mobile whilst waiting for a delayed train...