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You will see from this WINGMAN THINKING section that we are following (in most) a certain format. Here are 20 reasons why... 

1} The bullet point approach - it forces you to summarise succinctly your points

2} It’s easy to scan and read e.g. on a mobile etc

3} Life’s too short to read and write flowery sentences, we have work to do with clients

4} Judge the thinking on the points raised not quality of the writing style (some people spend too much time worrying about the style, its the substance that counts in this day and age)

5} You can post the summary word on LinkedIn / social and drive people to click through to read the one liner explanations

6} You can add and find clear links to references/ articles that influenced the thinking CLICK HERE

7} 20 takes approx 3 mins max to read, that’s what we estimate the time is before we lose your attention

8} 20 is enough to make in depth points on a topic, any more seems too long

9} But 10 points never seem to be enough…

10} It’s an easy format to write on a mobile on the go e.g. this took 40 mins to write on the commute home

11} You can think on the go/ whilst doing other things. One might pop into your mind, rather than have to sit and construct a flowing wordy narrative. You can quickly keep adding to the list as you go along  

12} You can pop images in between the sentences anywhere on the page rather than have to wait for paragraphs to finish 

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13} It's challenging having to be economical with words

14} We get an excuse use the ‘}’ (aka a curly bracket) which look like wings 

15} You can clearly see the points rather than having to wade through long sections to really get to the point, or if you want to revisit, finding the relevant point can take time, here you can skim to find the one liner you want

16} You can revisit and amend quickly on the blog (with new thoughts or tweak existing) without having to re write

17} We aren’t saying this should replace a well constructed, wordy, in depth article or point of view but we want speed and simplicity

18} It enables us to create fast, summarised thinking e.g. off the back of a quick conversation with someone (e.g. a client or colleague) making it much more informal rather than an ‘interview’

19} Rules are there to be broken…

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