Here are 20 traits that make a maverick individual. The agitators that want to make more happen through passion projects

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1} S/he has a compelling vision. A new destination in mind 

2} They have a healthy obsession for z product/ service. They are driven to back the constant evolution of it

3} They don't follow the rules (except official laws). Rules to a maverick are just ways to control the masses / maintain the boring status quo 

4} They aren;t in it for the money (often...) they are driven by different forces, they know if they do their best the money will follow 

5} They have an urgency. They want to get sh*t done quickly 

6} They go with their gut feel and move swiftly in line with their compelling vision 

7} They are bold. They take calculated risks 

8} S/he have an ego and harness it for good

9} They know they need good people around them. They understand the power of a good Wingman/ Wingwoman 

10} S/he have quirks. They have incredible strenghts but also weaknesses (no one is perfect, some have to be extreme in some traits to really push the boundaries) 

11} They 'go for the gap'. The see a niche, an opening and go for it, with little hesitation  

12} S/he are to the point. They dont fluff or waste words 

13} They inspire by their actions

14} S/he lead by leading 

15} They have a warped sense of reality. They often think something can be done when others dont think its possible

16} S/he love to be challenged. They love a problem to solve

17} They are curious. Not about everything, what ever they are into they are really into it 

18} They love the underdog

19} S/he think past superficial things like possessions, clothes etc. 

20} They are brutally honest. Its often uncomfortable, but its clear. They move on quickly if they have given someone 'the Alec Ferguson hairdryer treatment' 

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