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taking personal visions of great people and making them a reality


Having made your money and mastered your craft in whatever field, you have reached the top of your game. You soon ask yourself “what next?” You look for new ways to find meaning and fulfilment. You have an itch that you now need to scratch…

We typically find there are three phases in the arch of your career. Your starter is the Cornerstone; that lays the foundations and sets you on your path to making your mark. Your main, the Keystone follows. A constant commitment to success has bought rewards but often also at cost. Now you are wanting to initiate something different, exciting, more fulfilling; dessert, your CAPSTONE. The icing on the cake. The something you may have always wanted to do.

It's not about the money… It might be something you started in your spare time, something fun that brought you joy outside the day-to-day stresses of your business and the career you are most known for.

But two things are certain. Your time is a scarce resource and reputations that can take a long time to build, can also be lost in a moment.

We are the pioneers defining this discipline… solely focused on supporting people with significant capital and influence in order to make extraordinary projects come to fruition. We aren’t wealth managers or a concierge service. We are the architects and enablers of a very different mission. Flying under the radar, reducing and managing risk; experts in being hands-on and getting sharp work done.

Example projects; buying a Formula One team, creating a philanthropic foundation, forming a technology club, buying a vineyard, launching a jazz festival, rescuing a bankrupt sports car company, buying a custom cycling brand, building a new restaurant, revamping an art gallery, create a new luxury shoe brand, rejuvenating an island, starting a record label, investing in longevity research, building a public monument... the list goes on.

What's important is that it’s YOUR project. We help you figure it out, make it happen, maximisING the chances of greater impact and overall success.